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Focus On What You Can Do

I often tease that I went from being Franklin Graham’s daughter to Corey Lynch’s wife and now Margaret’s mom.

Somewhere between growing up in my dad’s shadow and marrying a football star, I lost my feeling of personal significance. Being surrounded by men of great talent makes me feel worthless. Keep Reading


Watching Your Child Waste Away

This is a picture of two-year-old Nafissa. She lives in Niger. Nafissa only weighed 11.5 pounds when her mother, 25-year-old Rahamou, brought her to the Samaritan’s Purse clinic several months ago. They were both starving.

Due to severe acute malnutrition, Nafissa cannot see. “Before Nafissa’s blindness, she used to crawl and make small noises,” Rahamou told us. “When she lost her eyesight, she stopped all of this.” Rahamou’s bones also showed through, and she was exhausted.  Keep Reading


Butchering That One Moment

The POWER is in the GOSPEL.

People often assume just because I was born with the last name “Graham,” that I was born with the Scriptures already memorized and the sweet loving story of the Gospel flows eloquently from my mouth at any divine appointment. Keep Reading


Healing Will be a Choice

I was born decades after Dr. Martin Luther King’s legendary address in our nation’s capital – and 31 years after Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat.

Being born in 1986, I obviously have never experienced the pains and fear of segregation. My only knowledge of the civil rights movement, I gained from movies or read about it in history books, including the impact on and of my grandfather’s ministry. Keep Reading

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How Well Do You Know My “Perfect” Life?

How often do you compare yourself – your life – to those around you? Maybe not in a way that screams “I’m coveting what you have,” but in a more subtle way. In today’s digital age we are inundated more and more with images of the perfect family, the perfect house, the perfect outfit, the perfect vacation, the perfect party, the perfect meal and on, and on, and on… Keep Reading


Louis Zamperini Honored in the Rose Bowl

Louis Zamperini’s name has been in the news more and more over the past few months. First, with his passing at the age of 97 in July; then with the release of the movie Unbroken based on the book about his life. Keep Reading


Birthday Giveaway

In honor of my grandfather’s 96th birthday this Friday, I will be giving away copies of Billy Graham: God’s Ambassador. This is personally one of my favorite books. It captures my grandfather’s lifelong mission of sharing the Gospel around the world in hundreds of pictures, quotes, comments and personal reflections. Keep Reading